A worthy endeavor, a worthy cause

See the following two articles on the recognition of the Simele Massacre against Assyrians in 1933, one of the two major events that influenced a young Raphael Lemkin to argue for the creation of top a convention to prevent genocide. There is also a form created to demand recognition here.

“Maybe Progress should lose for once.” Owen Grady, Jurassic World

I have to say that spending some time watching nature documentaries, traveling to places and seeing the changes, then speaking to asshats about the current situation of the ecosystems of the Earth, I am frequently stupefied. When is enough enough? I mean when have you got more than you need? 100k? 1mil? 50mil? And in the meantime what about the world around you. You know we can’t replant an old growth forest. Hence “old growth”. How about we try and keep these things, save them for our kids. And maybe, just maybe, we save them because it is the right thing to do…


Hey Ginny-binny we miss you beautiful. Watch out for us. So much more important that those silly-things that we think are important. Your spirit reminds me of what matters. I am sorry I couldn’t do more.



Very cool. This word has come all the way down to Sureth, the contemporary Assyrian language.